This site estimates the monetary impact of your pledges in dollars to give an idea of the worth of the service you are doing for the planet.

Your contribution matters the most!




  • Video Conferencing v/s Flying
  • Carpooling
  • E-Fleet/Mobility


  • Less Meat in the cafeteria
  • Serve local/seasonal food


  • A/C Optimisation
  • Heating Optimisation
  • Switch to Green Energy
  • Using Daylight
  • No Stand-by Policy


  • Replace Disposables
  • e-Waste


What they say about us

#ilivesimply because to be in a sustainable relationship with the earth, one must give back and not only take or appreciate from afar. Any movement which imparts this understanding and shares it with the world is playing an important role for the regeneration of consciousness and of the earth.

Living simply is definitely not simple, after being exposed to conveniences offered by urban life for 20 odd years. The #ilivesimply movement works as a trigger for those who have been too comfortable and blissfully ignorant of personal and environmental harms caused by overindulgence. The slow but definite behavioural change is all that is needed to make living on earth truly sustainable.

It sounds to be trivial to "live simply" but underneath lies deep meaning of getting transformed to a better human. Some may say its unpractical, some may say its extension of tree hugging, but as Eckhart Tolle says this is symptom of rising number of 'frequency holders' that, upon reaching a critical mass, will turn to New Human Revolution that brings Humanity in harmony with nature, internally as well as externally. Such simple humble steps consciously taken one by one will trigger a New Era of Global Sustainable Community.

I live simply is a fantastic initiative which has encouraged us to change our actions for the environments cause. Governments must lead but as individuals we can all make a change and this platform is a great way to get people involved. It educates people about the most impactful changes they can make and incentives people to pledge.

I live simply is a wonderful initiative and is sending message to the world on how to preserve the environment. This is not just a mountain movement but an appeal to the global citizens of the world. For sustainable development, we should all pledge not to use plastics, go organic, go green, develop sustainable methods of agriculture, reduce our carbon foot prints and go for recycle methods that will help towards restoring our delicate ecosystem. Lets pledge towards preserving the mother nature together.


Clare Harrison

Melbourne, Australia

Varada Kulkarni

Mumbai, India

Sameer Ratna Bajracharya

Kathmandu, Nepal

Mark and Carmel Rowlands

London, United Kingdom

Mark and Carmel Rowlands

London, United Kingdom

Stanzin Angmo

Ladakh, India