This site estimates the monetary impact of your pledges in dollars to give an idea of the worth of the service you are doing for the planet.

Our Story

We, in the Himalayan region of Ladakh, are at the forefront of the impacts of climate change. The team and the students at our alternative school SECMOL (Students’ Educational & Cultural Movement of Ladakh) and our alternative institute, HIAL (Himalayan Institute of Alternatives, Ladakh) in Ladakh have been instrumental in innovative measures towards climate change adaptations in the mountains. These have ranged from Ice Stupa artificial glaciers to low water consuming farming techniques to solar heated mud buildings and much more. But we find that these measures will get us nowhere as long as the people in big cities of the world continue their business as usual.

Therefore, from this 150th birth anniversary of Mahatma Gandhi on 2nd October, 2019, we started the global appeal for behavioural change, called the #ilivesimply movement.


Our Quest

The ‘I Live Simply Movement’ is based on the premise that individual behaviour change is as important to addressing the climate crisis as policy and political change. We have developed a platform where people can make pledges oriented towards more sustainable behaviours.

It is based on the crowd-funding platform, however rather than donating money; individuals will contribute through making pledges towards healing the planet. Based on the CO2 emissions saved from these pledges, the site will calculate how many dollars worth of service that action will amount to in a year.

Since we launched the partnership campaign on 2nd October 2019, we have received an overwhelming response. It has been a great source of motivation for us to realize that many people across the world are willing to engage with us to make a difference. We have received more than 1,500 partnership requests from many organizations and individuals who are willing to associate with the movement in various innovative ways.


Our Foresight

  • Pledges

    To have as many pledges as possible made by the end of 2020

  • Emissions

    To have a noticeable reduction in emissions by the end of 2020

  • City Chapters

    To have developed more city chapters within India and globally. To have encouraged or joined various meet-ups of the city-chapters.

  • Institutions and Corporates

    To have grown many institutional & corporate partnerships within India and globally.

Frequently Asked Questions

The #ilivesimply Movement is a global appeal for behaviour change. It is essentially a movement to deal with the climate crisis. However, it is unconventional in the sense that it urges people of the world to make a shift in their lifestyle and day-to-day behaviour to more sustainable habits.It is now well known that the climate crisis may require more than the government and international organization mobilization. With these intentions in mind, the ‘I Live Simply’ Movement saw its genesis.

The movement follows a unique crowd-sourcing methodology wherein it encourages individuals/organizations to make lifestyle change pledges on the ‘I Live Simply’ website and app and quantifies it into its equivalent dollar value by calculating the CO2 emissions generated or saved.

We truly believe changing individual behaviour is the key to addressing the crisis for 2 main reasons:

  • We have a moral obligation to act. The science of climate change is clear and people are suffering now. Despite having the freedom of individual choice, that right doesn’t extend to harming others which is what our continued emissions of greenhouse gases is doing. We each have a moral responsibility to address our individual emissions.
  • We can influence others. People are naturally influenced by the actions of their peers and those around them, by changing your actions you would be surprised how many of those around also change their actions. To quote the phenomenal Greta Thunberg: “Our actions are important not because they have a material effect on climate change, but because of the message they send to others”.

The success of the initiative is dependent on the sincerity of individuals making pledges and sticking to them. The very act of pledging is a positive move and builds a conversation around the need for behavior change however fulfilling these pledges is what will truly make a difference to the climate crisis. The short term goal of the Movement is the number of pledges made in total and the dollar value of the total pledges made. The long term vision is to influence a shift towards sustainable daily habits on a mass scale and influence politics and those in power to prioritize the climate crisis.

There are a variety of pledges orientated towards different daily activity ranging from travel to food to energy. Individuals should chose pledges which resonate with them and they feel they have power to address in their lives. Interested individuals/organizations can pledge by visiting our website and clicking on the pledge tab and filling in the required gaps completely.

Beyond making pledges, individuals can share the movement with their families, friends and colleagues to encourage them to make changes. If you want to be more actively involved, you can join your local City Chapter to have an ‘on the ground’ presence or set one up if your city doesn’t have one.

If you would like to set up a city chapter or feel you have expertise which would help to grow the movement then individuals and organizations may fill the partnership form provided on the partnership page available on the ‘I Live Simply’ page on the Himalayan Institute of Alternatives, Ladakh (HIAL) website @

Members of the various City Chapters can organize meetings, awareness campaigns, workshops in their cities talking about the initiative and the intention behind it. Schools and colleges could be particular targets given the fact that the youth are the future and also the agents of change. Members can also organize clean up drives in their respective cities and educate/sensitize the residents about the climate crisis and need for the individual actions to combat it.

Schools as institutions can contribute by organizing workshops and awareness programs for their students. They can hold intra or inter school/college competitions on the themes of ‘I Live Simply’. They can also ensure sustainability in their operations by ensuring the following:-

  1. Provide School Bus facilities
  2. Promote the idea of reusable stationary.
  3. Repair electronics v/s replace electronics
  4. Keep a check on paper waste
  5. Avoid food waste in canteens
  6. Avoid disposables

Organisations interested in partnering in the movement can fill the partnership form @

Furthermore, organizations can track the environmental impact of their functioning by working out the true extent of their operations. This can be done by keeping a tab on the amount of recycling, office energy efficiency, or the number of flights taken by employees amongst others.

The pledges are quantified by finding the average CO2 emissions emitted or saved by the act. These emissions are then converted into monetary value through the dollar value assigned to each tonne CO2 emission. The intent is to help the consumers see the impact of their activities in terms of the monetary value of harm each of these actions does to the environment.

Dec 15, 2019

Along with our online platform, we also wanted to have an ‘on the ground’ presence for the I Live Simply Movement. So, we launched various City Chapters across India and beyond. These chapters are designed to connect passionate individuals so that they can together address issues in their localities. Members of the city chapters are encouraged to meet and brainstorm ways in which #ilivesimply can be adopted in their area, plan events, run awareness programmes, and engage others, such as schools, governmental bodies, etc. in the movement. So far, we have city chapters in:

If you want to get involved and set up a chapter in your region, email us at


What they say about us

#ilivesimply because to be in a sustainable relationship with the earth, one must give back and not only take or appreciate from afar. Any movement which imparts this understanding and shares it with the world is playing an important role for the regeneration of consciousness and of the earth.

Living simply is definitely not simple, after being exposed to conveniences offered by urban life for 20 odd years. The #ilivesimply movement works as a trigger for those who have been too comfortable and blissfully ignorant of personal and environmental harms caused by overindulgence. The slow but definite behavioural change is all that is needed to make living on earth truly sustainable.

It sounds to be trivial to "live simply" but underneath lies deep meaning of getting transformed to a better human. Some may say its unpractical, some may say its extension of tree hugging, but as Eckhart Tolle says this is symptom of rising number of 'frequency holders' that, upon reaching a critical mass, will turn to New Human Revolution that brings Humanity in harmony with nature, internally as well as externally. Such simple humble steps consciously taken one by one will trigger a New Era of Global Sustainable Community.

I live simply is a fantastic initiative which has encouraged us to change our actions for the environments cause. Governments must lead but as individuals we can all make a change and this platform is a great way to get people involved. It educates people about the most impactful changes they can make and incentives people to pledge.

I live simply is a wonderful initiative and is sending message to the world on how to preserve the environment. This is not just a mountain movement but an appeal to the global citizens of the world. For sustainable development, we should all pledge not to use plastics, go organic, go green, develop sustainable methods of agriculture, reduce our carbon foot prints and go for recycle methods that will help towards restoring our delicate ecosystem. Lets pledge towards preserving the mother nature together.


Clare Harrison

Melbourne, Australia

Varada Kulkarni

Mumbai, India

Sameer Ratna Bajracharya

Kathmandu, Nepal

Mark and Carmel Rowlands

London, United Kingdom

Mark and Carmel Rowlands

London, United Kingdom

Stanzin Angmo

Ladakh, India